About us

Four Roman entrepreneurs, two sets of brothers, Massimiliano and  Alfredo, Marco and Davide decided to start up a restaurant in a space they already owned and opened Rosso.  Rosso doesn’t try  to impress with special effects  but “simply” welcomes its guests to a place where they can eat and drink well.

The carefully devised menu by Fabio Bachiorrini, the head chef originally from Amatrice, and the well thought out interior design by Costa Group form the foundations  of a restaurant which dedicates long opening hours to its food.

At Rosso you can always eat. Choose between the bar, buffet, restaurant or grill, from breakfast through to late dinner after the theatre, with Lunch, dinner and brunch appetizer in between.

Our products are on view for you to see, thanks to the large counter that showcases meats, vegetables, homemade bread and regional seasonal products.

Our chef Fabio Bachiorrini has devised a  simple menu, enriched by his previous experience and his own personal touch on some dishes .  In addition to this creativity however, tradition has not been forgotten by our chef on Rosso’s menu.  Signature dishes on the menu include “cacio e pepe”, “ amatriciana”  and “carbonara” with crispy bacon from Norcia are joined by more adventurous  dishes such as citrus shrimps from Mazzara  with tuna lime tartar, rocket and date tomatoes or four pepper filet steak  with a reduction of Barolo served on  toasted  homemade bread,  and finally we finish in the East with our infamous WOK dishes.

The restaurant seats 80 inside and 60 outside. The architectural features include the distinctive red perimeter  marking the kitchen area  and cooking counter. The bright red iron follows the  buffet counter, grill and runs into the kitchen, allowing diners to peek at preparations. The area covers 400m2 divided between the restaurant, bar, and loft garden and features  interior design which uses natural materials, like the cleft stone of the counter, the wooden floor and wall cladding. The flooring is made of authentic decorated antique parquet and the original armchairs designed and made by Costa are feature colourful, fun coverings including tartan, stripes, damask and leather hide. The bar area features black and white ceramic décor on the walls while the red iron glass door of the kitchen are what inspired the name and reflect the beating heart of the restaurant.


Dicono di noi

"Apre Rosso a Viale Aventino. A Roma non si arrestano le novità neppure durante l’Agosto. Ecco qualche spunto dal quadrante Ostiense"